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Polly Ceccanti is the Educator at Sandbox. She has over 10 years of early childhood experience, and has led classrooms serving ages 1-5. She has also worked as a curriculum director and pedagogista. Sandbox Playschool is located in Polly’s family home in NW Olympia, where she lives with her husband Sam, and their daughter Sorrel.




“Her commitment to early childhood education and development is immediately evident to anyone who witnesses her in the proximity of children.”

“There was never any question for me that Polly provided a safe, supportive, loving environment
for our children when she was with them, but I felt that she went above and beyond on a daily
basis to engage the children with their own learning, the outdoors, and art projects. I know she
is dedicated to on-going learning and growth so that she continues to develop new
opportunities to enrich childhood learning environments.”



“Through her knowledge, experience and passion she built strong and trusting relationships with the children in her care and their families.”

Hannah (Director, The Muse)

Maile (Parent)

“I have been so pleased with (Polly's) kind,

responsible, calm care.”

“I am thrilled to hear she is opening her own program for toddlers, if this had been an option for me when my children were younger I would have signed them up in a heartbeat.”

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